Good Deeds and Good Eats in Carson City

Nov 8th, 2011
By Clint Jolly

In the past we’ve shared Charlie Abowd saying “I hope someday I can feed people who NEED to eat, not just those that want to.” It seems as though the dream lives in his wife as well.

The Greenhouse Project

Charlie’s wife, Karen Abowd, is the founder and driving force behind the Carson City Greenhouse Project. The goal of the project is to provide a hub for people of all ages to engage in cooperative, healthy activity. The food that is grown will go to local food banks and school programs.

Speaking of schools, the site for the greenhouse is right behind the Culinary Program at Carson High School. Some of you may know that I mentor the competition teams down there. That means I get a first hand look at the project every week. Mrs. Reynolds, the Culinary Arts Instructor, mentioned that the students may be involved in some capacity as the project progresses.

It’s projects like this that are the true essence of the slow food, localvore, etc. movements. Nurturing your food along from a humble seed to an edible meal is something that most folks never experience in today’s world. Involving a young generation in the process only makes it that much better.

Want to help?

Of course, these projects take money to start and keep running. Luckily the project has some great people on their team so you can really reap the benefits from your donation. It’s as easy as making reservations for their Celebrity Chefs dinner this coming Monday. I know that Charlie will amaze you with six courses of wine paired offerings.

I’ll let Karen fill you in on the rest in this short video-

Carson City Green House Project

Chef Clint Jolly is a Reno native who has spent most his life in the search of great food. The owner of Great Thyme Catering is happy to see a food revolution taking place in Reno and northern Nevada. You can read more from Clint on his personal blog