A “Food Walk” comes to Reno!!!

Apr 5th, 2012
By Clint Jolly

I was lucky enough to get an invite to sit in on a meeting with the Riverwalk Merchants Association as they planned the launch of their Dining District spin off. You all know how much I love seeing food bring people together and our fair city is finally embracing this on a business level.

The group will be hosting what I believe to be Reno’s first food walk. It’s a chance for all of the members, which include many of the best downtown dining options, to showcase what they have to offer.

The concept is simple and very similar to the very popular Wine Walk hosted by the same group. Pay $20 ($25 the day of) for a ticket that gets you a tasting at all of the 30-35 restaurants that surround Downtown Reno’s up and coming dining district. They are planning on this becoming a regular event that will draw locals and tourists alike. Things may be adjusted a bit for future events but the launch party is set for May 12th and will run from noon to 5 PM. Also, kids under 10 are free so it’s time to bring the whole family out to explore our great food community as it blossoms into an attraction of its own!


When: Saturday, May 12th from 12-5 PM

Where: 30-35 restaurants and eateries in Downtown Reno

How: Tickets should be on sale by April 21st at all Riverwalk Members’ locations

Why: Because Reno is staking its claim as a fun place to play and EAT and the downtown eateries are leading the charge

Stay tuned for more info as the full list of restaurants and their offerings are announced.

I’ll see you on the street!!!

Chef Clint Jolly is a Reno native who has spent most his life in the search of great food. The owner of Great Thyme Catering is happy to see a food revolution taking place in Reno and northern Nevada. You can read more from Clint on his personal blog

  • Teshina dawn

    Will this be a monthly event? How can we get our downtown restaurant on the list?

  • http://clintjolly.com/ Clint Jolly

    That is their plan! Based on the success of this first one, they will determine how often they would like to do it in the future.
    Get in touch with the folks at http://renoriver.org/ to get involved.
    What restaurant are you with?

  • Carrol

    I heard on the news that this was again happening today June 9th is this true?

  • http://clintjolly.com/ Clint Jolly

    Yes it is! Tickets available at Reno eNVy.

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